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  • Abstract

    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair

    £2,160 inc VAT

    Moodius Centaurus by Andrew Sinclair, Bronze Resin

  • Andrew Sinclair

    Pre-Hysteric by Andrew Sinclair

    £34,800 inc VAT

    This 11-foot, bronze resin, surreal creation depicts a nude rider aboard a dinosaur.
    And what inspired this fantasy piece? In the artists words:
    ???Sadly or gladly, I never grew out of my fascination for dinosaurs and promised myself that one day I would sculpt one. During a brief respite in my usual busy routine I realized this ambition and sculpted a rather obscure dinosaur called a Struthiomimus; a very gracile and elegant creature that is popularly known as an ???Ostrich mimic???. Having sculpted the extinct creature came the question of ???What to do with it now???? After some thought the bizarre idea of putting a lady riding upon it, in a sense of panic, came to mind. It makes a very strange, humorous and surreal sculpture. The technical aspect of actually making the sculpture stand is considerable, as the supporting leg is so thin but it is this that helps make the sculpture so full of movement.???

  • Andrew Sinclair

    The Minotaur by Andrew Sinclair

    £21,000 inc VAT

    The magnificent design was originally commissioned by the late great poet Felix Dennis, in 2012. The original now stands in bronze at Felix Dennis’s memorial garden The Garden Of Heroes and Villains.
    You could own this bronze resin sculpture of the ancient Greek monster, half-man and half-bull, featuring all the detail and character of the original. This inviting, mythical creature makes a statement and would look wonderful in a home, garden or labyrinth, enticing visitors to enter – if they dare!

  • Andrew Sinclair

    CONDOTTIERE by Andrew Sinclair

    £6,480 inc VAT

    Mixed mediums

  • Andrew Sinclair

    Pre-Hysteric by Andrew Sinclair

    £8,640 inc VAT

    Andrew Sinclair, Born 1961, Pre-Hysteric, Bronze on Stone Plinth, Signed , 183cm high,

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