Man and Horse by Janis Ridley

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Man and Horse by Janis Ridley, Bronze

Man and Horse by Janis Ridley, Bronze, Edition 2 of 9, 120cm high by 115cm wide by 52cm deep, Animals and Birds, Figurative, Horse sculpture

This bronze sculpture of a man on a horse by Janis Ridley depicts a powerful yet serene image of a man on horseback. Frozen in time, the figure of the man is portrayed with a sense of strength and authority. His posture upright and confident, yet relaxed and tranquil, suggesting a relaxed relationship between man and beast. The moment appears to be calm as they both pause for reflection.

The horse beneath him is? meticulously crafted, conveying a sense of the animal’s power and vitality.

The composition of the sculpture is carefully balanced. The man and horse are perfectly synchronized, creating a harmonious and dynamic composition that captures the viewer’s attention.

The bronze itself adds a sense of timelessness to the sculpture, with an attractive grey patina that suggests age and history. A captivating work of art that celebrates the strength, bravery, and nobility of the human spirit. It serves as a timeless tribute to the bond between man and horse.

Standing at 120cm high, this piece is large enough to stand proud in a private garden, yet still not too imposing to discourage an indoor display.

The piece is number 2 from an edition of 9

Janis Ridley likes to work on ideas of the individual and relationships. These include Mother and Child, Man/Woman and Horse, Angels, Woman and Man. She looks at how they co-exist and interrelate like feathers in the wing of a bird.

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Dimensions 115 × 52 × 120 cm

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