Lifesize Tiger Shark by Anon. Unknown

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Lifesize Tiger Shark, Mild Steel

Lifesize Tiger Shark, Mild Steel, Unique, 70cm high by 300cm wide by 110cm deep, Animals and Birds, Figurative, Fish, Nature, Nautical, Water Creatures sculpture

The Sculpture:

This lifesize tiger shark sculpture is crafted from mild steel. It’s imposing presence and meticulous, yet understated detail commands attention. Standing as a formidable representation of the ocean’s apex predator, the sculpture captures the essence of the tiger shark’s power and grace.

The body of the shark is sculpted with precision, its form has been accurately rendered to reflect the streamlined shape of this majestic creature. The steel plates are skillfully manipulated to replicate the shark’s distinctive features, which lend it its name and provide a striking contrast against the metallic hue of the material.

The piece is light and easy to move. It can be displayed on a stand or could easily be hung from a beam, strong ceiling or outdoor structure, to give the impression of a swimming creature. The gills and mouth are open incisions in the metal form. The eyes are staring and lifeless, yet menacing and stark.

Whether displayed in an art gallery, museum, or outdoor setting, the lifesize sculpture of a tiger shark made with mild steel is sure to captivate audiences with its lifelike portrayal and undeniable presence.

Sculpture Care:

The mild steel of this lifesize Tiger Shark will naturally rust if left outside or in damp conditions, adding another dimension to the piece. If kept indoors, the steel will keep it’s original condition.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 300 × 110 × 70 cm

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