Kalypso’s Tail by Claudia La Bianca

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Kalypso’s Tail by Claudia La Bianca, Mild Steel

Kalypso’s Tail by Claudia La Bianca, Mild Steel, Unique, 215cm high by 100cm wide by 80cm deep, Animals and Birds, Figurative, Fish, Nature, Nautical, Water Creatures sculpture

In the Artist’s Words:

Kalypso’s Tail story: From the underwater world, Kalypso rises her tail up from the deep. But who’s Kalypso you might ask, is it a fish? She’s a mystical creature, an ancient siren that traveled many oceans and many seas.

The Sculpture:

Kalypso’s Tail by Claudia La Bianca stands tall and proud at over 2m high. The size and beauty is a testament to the imagination and skill of its creator. This alluring mermaid’s tail is crafted from mild steel and painted in vibrant hues that glisten under the sun.

The overall effect is a mesmerizing tapestry of color that seems to dance and shift with every angle. Brilliant shades of aquamarine, sapphire, and emerald blend seamlessly together, evoking the ever-changing colors of the sea. Splashes of magenta, coral, and gold accentuate the scales, adding depth and dimension to the metallic canvas.

The tail itself is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with each layer lovingly added to create a vision of perfection. The mermaid is caught diving, her tail upright as she disappears back beneath the water. Viewers are drawn into the whimsical world of the sea, captivated by the intricate details and vibrant colours.

Despite being made of steel, the sculpture exudes a sense of lightness and fluidity, capturing the essence of the mythical creature it represents. It stands as a symbol of beauty, strength, and the enduring allure of the ocean, inspiring all who encounter it to dream of distant shores and the mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

Artist Claudia La Bianca is a multimedia artist. Not only is she an award winning filmmaker, she also started her artistic career and continues to be a muralist as well as a sculptor and even a fashion designer. She was born is Sicily but moved to New York and now resides in Miami, when she is not travelling with her art.


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Dimensions 100 × 80 × 215 cm


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