Chakana by Richard Marti

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Chakana by Richard Marti, 24k Gold Leaf finished Forged Iron on Stone Base

Chakana (Inca Cross) by Richard Marti. Forged Iron made in 40 sections which sits on a Limestone base. Gilded with 24 Karat gold leaf. 144cm high, 140cm wide, 76cm deep. A unique masterpiece that was designed by Garden Designer Richard Marti, and made by Italian Artist Blacksmith Claudio Bottero. The Chakana is the symbol of the Andes, thought to come from the time of the Incas which it is why it’s also known as the Inca Cross. One could argue that this is then not an original sculpture design, however it is very unique in it’s texture and composition and even more so by the way it’s been made. It’s been forged out of 100mm square bar, formed into wedges and connected internally like a very complicated puzzle with stainless steel rods. The sculpture comes with 20 booklets of Gold Leaf. To be kept clean using soapy water and a soft sponge.

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 76 × 140 × 144 cm

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