Waiting Women V by Wendy George

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Wendy George, Waiting Women V, Bronze

Wendy George, Waiting Women V, Bronze, Signed and Numbered 5 from an Edition of 7, 105cm high, 102cm wide, 62cm deep

My sculpture is loosely based on life drawing and life ??? portraying women as we see ourselves. This has evolved into a group of figures seeking to convey a feeling of waiting ??? for something or someone
Primarily figurative, I want to express more than purely formal representation. Using simple poses, they are as much ???felt??? as observed ??? relying on body language rather than detailed information to convey feelings women can empathize with, universal and timeless. These are down to earth women, their passive poses belying inner strength. Sculpted in direct plaster and cast, the colour and texture reflect their primitive and earthly qualities. They could be women of today or the past, and of probably tomorrow, of no particular time or place.

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 62 × 102 × 105 cm

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